Nebraska Transit discusses bus service for travel between Lincoln and Omaha

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LINCOLN, Neb. Nebraska Transit is getting public feedback on a bus service travelling to and from Lincoln and Omaha.

Two proposed routes for the bus service between Lincoln and Omaha

The first meeting happened Wednesday and a few people voiced their concerns with the current state of the project.

Lincoln public transit advocate Richard Schmeling said, "We need some intermediate stops, but let's not get too many of them or we'll really have a slow trip."

Most trips to and from cities are expected to take about two hours. A trip by car from Lincoln to Omaha usually takes an hour.

Although the trip might take more time, Nebraska Transit Mobility Manager William Bivin said it benefits commuters.

"They can charge their devices, drink a cup of coffee, answer a few emails, we think that could be a good selling point," he said.

People were also looking into the amount of stops buses would make. According to Bivin, it does not plan to make any stops at Lincoln or Omaha airports.

The project has three different option: two would travel on I-80, with the other going on Highway 6.

Depending on which option is chosen, Nebraska Transit expects the project to cost between $1 million and $2.5 million.

It also said a one way ticket for riders is expected to cost around $4.

While bus service is the current mode of transportation being evaluated, others want to see other modes considered for the future.

"I'd prefer we do it with trains." Schmeling said.

The final project is expected to be done in March. The group will have more public meetings in Ashland Thursday and Omaha on Friday.