Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium

LINCOLN, Neb.- Students from around the state recently gathered at the Institute of Agriculture and Natural resources at UNL.. to take part in the Nebraska Youth Beef Leadership Symposium. "We have a lot of young people in this state who grow up around cattle," Extension Educator Brad Bennett said. "We want to cultivate the next generation."

Bennett is an extension educator and one of the organizers of the symposium. He says the high school students who take part, get quite an education when it comes to beef. "So actually our meat scientist took an entire beef carcass and broke that down from whole all the way down to some retail cuts," Bennett said. "They got to see that entire process and learn where the cuts of beef come from."

At the symposium, the students also learn the nutritional value of beef, why there is a strong demand for beef among consumers, and how to prepare it for the dinner table. In addition, students also learn to make Facebook live videos to tell the beef story in a positive way. "And then we have another group that is actually making their own beef product that they will market to a restaurant. So they are in the kitchen," Bennett said.

Organizers hope that NYBLS will help students to go lead the beef industry in the future. If you would like to know more about this program, contact your local extension office.