Nebraska district sets up virtual classrooms after flooding

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GENOA, Neb. (AP) -- An eastern Nebraska district crafted an emergency plan involving an alternative school and video-streamed classes when flooding cut off students and teachers from their classrooms.

The flooded Loup River battered dams, bridges and roads last month, splitting the Twin River Public Schools district in two.

Superintendent John Weidner Sr. says the district that serves Genoa, Silver Creek and Monroe couldn't wait months for the floodwaters to recede so crews could repair the damage.

He says administrators quickly hatched a plan to direct students and teachers stranded north of the Loup River to a Genoa school, while those south of the floods would report to a school in Silver Creek.

Teachers were trained to deliver lessons though video conferencing.

A main highway splitting the towns isn't expected to reopen until next fall.