Nebraska groups team up for a caring car karaoke challenge

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Down Syndrome Association for Families of Nebraska (DSAF) and Sid Dillon team up today to host the first-ever “Don’t Stop Believing – Caring Car Karaoke Challenge.”

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The idea for the Karaoke Challenge began out of a need to lift people’s spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic and to let all of Lincoln know, especially our essential personnel, that someone believes in them.

“We wanted to be agents of change,” said Liz Echternkamp, DSAF Board President, “so during our Give to Lincoln Day campaign we set out to bring that change to the seemingly endless gloom of the pandemic. Knowing that smiles are just as ‘contagious’ as fear, we created the Caring Car Karaoke challenge.”

The objective is to bring smiles and hope to as many people as possible through a socially appropriate community-based outing – all while raising money to help to fill the gaps and assist people with Down syndrome and their families during the COVID-19 crisis.

DSAF volunteer Jack Rolland said, "Seeing that we can spread joy to this gloomy time has been a heartwarming experience. All of these places with no people we still want to spread Don't Stop Believing that movement."

Beginning in the Downtown Lincoln area at 11:30 am, 2 cars will be rocking out to Journey’s, Don’t Stop Believing, for one hour straight each. They will proceed throughout the capital city stopping outside various businesses that could use someone to believe in them - like hospitals, assisted living centers, fire stations, parks departments, and others. For every honk, waive, sing-along, or thumbs up received, a donation of $5 will be made by Sid Dillon up to $500.

The event will culminate at 1:00 pm with a “Reverse Parade” in the Harrison Heights neighborhood off 95th and Leighton where DSAF families will be cheering on Lincoln as the cars pass by. The fun and interactions will be captured and compiled into one video released at the end of the campaign to help lift spirits and spread hope throughout the city of Lincoln.

Community members are encouraged to keep an eye out for the DSAF Caring Cars, which will be marked with signs both inside and out, and accept the karaoke challenge by singing along!