Nebraska makes election history

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Nebraska voters have made history. For the first time, two female candidates are going head to head as major party nominees for the United States Senate.

"With the 'Me too' movement going on you saw a lot of reaction, the women's march, reaction to Donald Trump being elected President and there certainly seems to be quite a bit of energy in the air," said political science professor Kevin Smith with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Republican winner Deb Fischer received nearly 76-percent of the party's votes. Democratic winner and a Lincoln City Councilwoman, Jane Raybould, received around 64-percent.

"It's going to be an interesting race," Smith said. "I think Jane Raybould is probably going to be the most competitive democratic candidate running for state wide office that we've seen in some time."

Across Nebraska, the Republican Party had about 77,000 more voters participate in the primary. Overall, of Nebraska's nearly 1.2 million registered voters, there are about 222,000 more Republicans than Democrats.

"Senator Fischer has the overwhelming advantage of the 'R' on the ticket," he said.

But, Smith said a lot can happen in the seven months between now and November's election.