Nebraska photographer gives at-home photo shoots to promote staying in

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) On this beautiful spring day, some are taking advantage of the weather while practicing social distancing. One woman is helping document the times from your front yard.

Holly Kempkes is a local photographer helping you express being homebound while Douglas County is keeping to themselves.

You might have seen the internet trend of local photographers taking family portraits at home.

Kempkes spent the day driving through the metro making dozens of stops letting people dress up and set up however they wanted.

From beach scenes to wedding photos, she captured whatever people thought would help them have fun and relax.

"It just means capturing the moment as best as I can. This whole photoshoot I'm kind of time stamping the photo's so people have a memory of what is going on, why where is social distancing, why we are quarantining,” said Kempke.

Today’s photoshoot also helped support local businesses. She has gift cards to local businesses she will be giving away to three people she took photos of.