Nebraska student starts trash can cleaning business

 (Source: KOLN).
(Source: KOLN). (KOLNKGIN)
Published: Jun. 28, 2020 at 8:57 PM CDT
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A unique first of its kind business is popping up in Lincoln.

You can now get your trash can deep cleaned and sanitized.

The business was started by a junior at the University of Nebraska, who tells 10/11 NOW that he got the idea off of social media and then less than two months later, he had his truck and was ready for customers.

It's called The Can Cleaners.

"We're primarily targeting residential clients, and we do have the ability and are reaching out to commercial clients to clean dumpsters and dumpster pads,” said owner Jack Funke.

Here's how it works, the truck lifts the trash can and holds it upside down, a power washer then washes the can with water that is 180 degrees, killing all germs.

Funke then washes the outside and sprays the inside of the trash can to help with any smell.

"All of the water falls in a tank so it is all self-contained, all of the garbage lands inside, and at the end of the day it is cleaned out, and the water is dumped in a sanitary sewer line,” said Funke.

He says his family is in the paper shredding and medical waste business and this is similar.

Funke says especially right now, there is always a need for sanitizing.

"People touch their garbage cans every single day, everything you put in your garbage can you don't want in your house, and your garbage man touches your trash can every week and he touches the one next door and it's a constant spread of germs,” said Funke.

Funke says over the last few weeks business has picked up a lot.

The service is once a month, the day of trash pick up. Or you can also get a one time service.

It'll cost you about $55 for one-time cleaning of one trash can. If you pick the monthly option, it'll cost around $13 for the first trashcan, and $4 after that.

"I definitely want to continue this after college, and maybe hire someone to help me and expand this business,” said Funke.

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