Nebraska students learn new skills at Neogen

The summer internship program at Neogen GeneSeek in Lincoln offers students a chance to learn valuable job skills.

Michelle Henry is from North Platte, but is spending part of her summer at Neogen GeneSeek. "I work in data services, and it's a communication role. I'm able to take the high-tech information the data that we receive from the lab, and turn it into something that is usable on the ranch or usable in the seed stock operation," Henry said.

Since Neogen Geneseek is in the business of helping ranchers analyze the DNA of their cattle, you can be sure that giving customers understandable information s an important role for an intern like Michelle. "She is on the forefront of the biotech side of the company," Neogen Data Services Manager Sabreena Larson said. "She's really working with the technical side and using her biology background and ag background to make more useful information for customers," Larson said.

Michelle isn't the only intern taking her passion for agriculture and using it to seek out new opportunities. Sydni Lienemann also has an extensive ag background. "I come from a registered red Angus seed stock operation just south of Lincoln in Princeton, Nebraska," Lienemann said. "We are a first generation operation I grew up raising cattle and building up our herd and that is where my passion for the ag industry was instilled in me." Sydni's family even helped host the Cattlemen's Ball in 2016. As as sales and marketing intern at Neogen Geneseek, she's putting her knowledge of ag to work by helping educate consumers and producers on what happens at the lab. "I have always wanted to be involved in the ag industry and be a representative of an ag company. Parts of my internship here really tie into what I want to do in the future, and it's giving me a lot of experience and practice in that area," Lienemann said.

During this summer internship, students are allowed to spread their wings and try something new. For example, Michelle Henry saw a need for an internal newsletter to keep employees informed.. so she developed it. "At Neogen we do have a list of goals we want them to achieve or tasks we need them to work on, but at the same time we want to make sure we are fulfilling what they want in a career, and giving them an option to explore a little bit of what they can really do," Larson said.

Agriculture is changing, and thanks to the Neogen GeneSeek internship, students like Sydni and Michelle re getting a better idea of where their skills can take them.