Nebraskaland Days & Buffalo Bill

NORTH PLATTE, Neb.- Nebraskaland Days is a huge event for North Platte. The man who portrays Buffalo Bill Cody tells us about it.

The Eagles Breakfast is a big annual fundraiser during Nebraskaland Days. That is just one of the popular events that takes place. Bruce Richman who portrays Buffalo Bill Cody tells us that the money from the fundraiser goes to help teams or groups attend functions they might not otherwise be able to attend. "There is something going on just about every day," Richman said. Some of the highlights include the rodeo, the state's largest parade, and all of the concerts.

While you are in North Platte for Nebraskaland Days, you might consider a stop at Buffalo Bill Coday's Scout Rest Ranch. "That ranch is a gem out here on the plains of Nebraska," Richman said. "The mansion was built in 1886 for about $3,900. In today's money, that would equate to about $2 Million. It has all of that gingerbread on it. The barn is ornate, and the rafters are cut to look like the stock of a gun, it's quite a detailed effort," Richman said. Buffalo Bill was the most recognized person in the world at the time he was living due to his Wild West Show that traveled the country and even to Europe.

It's possible you'll see Bruce Richman portraying Buffalo Bill Cody during your visit to Nebraskaland Days. So look for him if you go, and you can learn more about what's happening at