Nebraskans helping Puerto Rico

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Nebraskans are coming together to help the millions of people living in Puerto Rico who are desperately waiting for help. Nebraskans for Puerto Rico started up their Facebook page shortly after Hurricane Maria hit. It is a grassroots organization filled with Nebraskans who have loved ones living in Puerto Rico.

Damage from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, Photo Date: 9/20/17

Wilma Gerena with Nebraskans for Puerto Rico says she is so grateful for how much the Lincoln community has done.

That being said, Gerena says it will take not months, but years to rebuild and they need more help. Right now they are collecting bottled water, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, diapers, canned foods, baby formula, garbage bags, towels, mosquito repellent, blankets, pillows, first-aid kits, laundry detergents, dish soap, cots, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, toilet paper, shampoo, deodorant, paper towels, female hygiene items, pain relief medication and stomach/diarrhea medicine.

You can also donate money by going to:

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