New Beginnings Project delivers beds to those in need

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As the Homeless Outreach Coordinator for LPS, Bryan Seck helped families find a place to live, "When we help a family go from homelessness to an apartment, many times that family can't afford a bed. They just used all their money for security deposit and first months rent and that's the idea for this project came from."

Bryan's New Beginnings Project wouldn't exist without Lincoln-based e-commerce company Spreetail utilizing their buying powers and purchasing all of these mattresses and beds. Chad Kilpatrick is the Head of Community Impact for Spreetail, "We've built relationships with vendors for items such as mattresses throughout the country and so we are able to purchase and utilize our supply chain and our network to ship them efficiently and get these to people in need."

Bryan says his organization delivered 200 beds in 2018, to more than 150 families.

Messiah Lutheran Church in Lincoln has been instrumental in assisting with delivery after delivery, after delivery.

Bryan feels nothing but gratitude to Spreetail and Duncan Aviation for making this project so successful, "These are working families, 90% of the families who became homeless that I worked with became homeless while working. Families just need a little support to regain stability and I can't think of a bed for a better thing to start building that stability.

This partnership has gone so well in Lincoln that Spreetail is currently integrating this same program into more than 20 cities across America. And they hope to give away more than 5,000 mattresses from coast to coast this year.

New Beginnings is always looking for new corporate sponsors so if you're interested, email: