New hammocks are a hit on UNL campus

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Through a project led by the Nebraska Unions, Outdoor Adventures and Landscape Services, ten hammocks have been hung near the trees overlooking Broyhill Fountain.

The project will create a unique City Campus experience while also strengthening the link between the Nebraska Union Plaza and Meier Commons green space.

Ryan Lahne is the Senior Associate Director of Nebraska Unions and he says he and his staff have been thinking about implementing this hammock projects for a couple of years and last spring he met with students, "We talked about a bunch of different ideas and hammocks is what quickly rose to the top of something the students were really enjoying and something we could easily add to this space to create the excitement and energy that we so want in this space."

Sarah Meehan was one of the many students that were enjoying the hammocks the first day they were in place and Sarah says she didn't know that hammocks were such a big deal before she arrived in Lincoln, "I guess it's a big thing, a lot of people like to do it. People go out of their way to hammock, I think. So I think it's nice that the University is taking note on what the students are interested in and implementing it around campus."

All ten of the hammocks will be up and available until the snow starts flying. And then after winter, hammock season returns to campus in March.