New pathways scholarship supports SCC students

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LINCOLN, Neb. — Nebraska Wesleyan University is partnering with Southeast Community College to open more doors to bachelor’s degree completion.

On Tuesday, October 10, Nebraska Wesleyan University President Fred Ohles and Southeast Community College President Paul Illich signed a formal agreement for the SCC Pathways to NWU Scholarship Program.

The program provides two pathways to degree completion at Nebraska Wesleyan with financial benefits including a $15,000 scholarship to every admitted SCC student to NWU’s traditional undergraduate program or a reduced tuition rate — $15 per credit hour — to those who enroll in the accelerated degree-completion program for working adults.

“We are delighted to partner with Southeast Community College to open more doors to bachelor degree completion,” said NWU President Fred Ohles. “SCC students have enjoyed tremendous academic and extracurricular success at Nebraska Wesleyan.”

Since 2013, 386 full-time students with SCC credits have enrolled at NWU and 231 students have enrolled in the adult degree completion program. The average grade point average of those students is 3.2.

“SCC students undergo a seamless transition to NWU because many of the classroom opportunities they’ve already experienced and desired at SCC — small classes, personal attention, and academic excellence — are core to Nebraska Wesleyan’s mission too,” Ohles continued.

"I have been at SCC for 8 years now and I still can't graduate because I don't make enough to go to school and support my family," said Kendra McKnight, SCC student.

McKnight told 10/11 she wants to apply for the scholarship to further her career to make for a better family.

Students transferring directly from SCC and who complete a minimum of 18 credit hours at SCC are eligible for consideration of admission and the Pathways Scholarship. The scholarship is renewable for up to eight semesters at NWU.

“SCC is committed to providing innovative programming to empower and transform its students,” SCC President Paul Illich said. “Diverse and creative opportunities such as the new NWU scholarship for all SCC students will strengthen our institutions and our communities.”

A Nebraska Wesleyan recruiter will have regular weekly hours at SCC to visit with students.

“Dr. Illich and I have met on several occasions to discuss this important partnership,” said Ohles. “We look forward to seeing this success continue for more SCC students through the new Pathways Scholarship.”