New UNMC College of Nursing building

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The new $22 million Lincoln division building will sit on the edge of the University of Nebraska campus between Vine and "S" Streets -- and North 19th and Antelope Valley Parkway.

The 106,000 square feet space will welcome more than 250 nursing students this August.

UNMC nursing student Allison Broekemeier said, "It's going to make a big change for UNMC nursing. It's already a great program, but I think it's going to make it even better in Lincoln."

On the second floor, one classroom alone can hold up to 120 students. Right now, nursing students are in a downtown location. Students are separated into two rooms for classes. They need to use a video system to receive the same information from the other room.

"We are going to have huge rooms! I saw it in the new building...and so many windows, which I think a lot of people are looking forward to," Broekemeier said.

The new building will also house six simulation centers. These will be safe spaces for students to develop skills for emergency situations.

UNMC Lincoln Assistant Dean Jana Pressler said, "We're going to have mannequins that can be programmed to do a lot in terms of capabilities and so it will be more life-like for our students in terms of practice."

Cassandra Treu, another UNMC nursing student in Lincoln, said, "I think that will really help us gain the confidence we need to handle that situation when it happens to us when we're nurses."

Eventually, the new space could accept more faculty and students.

The University Health Center will take over the second level, and the Lincoln division will officially move in this July. Students will start attending class inside the new building this August.

The new facility is made possible through the generosity of donors, UNMC said.