Axe-throwing businesses go before City Council for liquor licenses

LINCOLN, Neb. — As Craft Axe Throwing sets to open by the end of the year, the business is one step closer to selling beer.

The location will have multiple axe throwing lanes available that patrons can rent for different amounts of time. Each lane costs $20 for an hour.

Travis Cornelius, co-owner of Craft Axe, says getting this close to opening day has been a long process. But now, he says he can breathe a sigh of relief.

On Monday, he went before City Council and had his liquor license approved. The license will now need to go before the Liquor Control Commission for final approval.

"You can see this is an old building and its taken a long time," Cornelius said. "This whole process has been such a struggle so that one thing, getting our liquor license approved is amazing."

Craft Axe currently has two locations open, one in Greenville, NC, and another in Springfield, MO. It is also building a location in Omaha and one in Columbia, SC.

If you're worried about mixing beer and axes, Cornelius said not to be.

"We have two other locations that have been open for months, almost a year for one location, so there's been no incidents, everyone has a blast," Cornelius said. "It's a great time. And we're super excited to be open soon."

Craft Axe said it doesn't know when the official grand opening will be, but Cornelius said he hopes to be open by the end of the year.

Both Craft Axe Throwing and Tomahawks are hoping to sell beer only, with no food or liquor options. There will also be a limit of 2 beers per person who is throwing axes.

At City Council on Monday night, Tomahawks only received a vote of 3-2, falling short of the 4 votes needed to pass the measure.

Tomahawks will now go before Lincoln City Council again on Monday, December 17.

Lincoln Police have advised that both places adopt and enforce strong policies to ensure safety.