New e-bike business in Lincoln

Published: Apr. 25, 2019 at 6:34 PM CDT
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According to, electric bike sales in America jumped by an incredible 95% between July of 2016 and July of 2017. They claim that e-bikes are here to stay... and Paul Glenn of Lincoln is hoping they're right, "It's a great way to get the cycling experience without having to put the effort into it."

Paul is one of the founders of Tailwind e-bikes, "It's electronically driven, fully green and it's just got a motor put into the rear hub so you control it just like you would any other bike, but you've got a battery that powers it so you can do as much or as little as you'd like as far as effort you put into your ride."

Paul says for him, the discovery process of the e-bike phenomenon began about 18 months ago, "As we were over in Europe we were noticing them, over in China noticing them, we got to notice that this is something we're not seeing here in Lincoln."

Paul has developed three different e-bike models and they range from $1199 to $1599, "We wanted to make sure that these weren't a Chinese product that you could buy off the Internet, wanted to make sure it was a good, quality product."

Tailwind e-bikes will reach about 20 miles per hour and a full battery charge will last more than 30 miles depending on how much you pedal.

Paul says his company hopes to do most of it's business online, but if you'd like to test ride a Tailwind e-bike you can drop by Glenn's True Value store at 70th & Van Dorn or you can check out the bikes at the True Value store in Hickman as well.



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