New forestry major coming to the University of Nebraska

LINCOLN, Neb (KOLN) - This fall, students at the University of Nebraska Lincoln will be able to declare a new major.

(Source: KOLN).

It's called regional and community forestry.

On Monday, Nebraska students were enjoying the nice weather doing some tree climbing.

Their professor, Eric North, says this is one example of a class teaching students the arts and science behind tree care, which is what the new forestry major will be focusing on.

He says right now jobs to help urban forests are extremely needed.
"With things like Emerald Ash Borer which is currently in Nebraska, we need professionals that understand how to manage and care for trees and natural resources in our urban environments to make sure that we have places that are comfortable to live in and all of the benefits that trees provide,” said North.

He says right now there is urban forestry minor with about 15 students enrolled.

He says they have shown interest in declaring the new major when it becomes an option during the fall semester this year.