New music venue to be built in eastern Nebraska

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LA VISTA, Neb. (AP) - A new music venue with an indoor space and an outdoor amphitheater will be built in eastern Nebraska.

The La Vista City Council unanimously approved a preliminary statement of intent to build the infrastructure that supports the venue.

The venue would hold 1,800 people indoors and 4,000 people outdoors. Local promoter 1% Productions, Kansas-based Mammoth Live and Omaha developer City Ventures are building it. Mammoth Live and 1% Productions will operate the venue.

City Administrator Brenda Gunn says the cost hasn't been determined but that about $3.2 million could be needed.

Mammoth Live and 1% Productions say artists have skipped the market because they don't have the right place to play.

Construction is expected to begin this year. The goal is to open by 2020.