New program provides food for food insecure hospital patients

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The last thing you want to think about after getting released from the hospital is putting food on your table.

Now, thanks to a new partnership between Bryan Health and Food Bank of Lincoln, food insecure patients won't have to.

The program is called Hope Against Hunger.

It provides two backpacks full of healthy food for patients as they're getting discharged from the hospital.

They realized it was a need after starting to survey patients, and discovering many worried about where their next meals would come from.
This, can compromise their recovery.

"When patient is in healing process, food is medicine, Mike Dixon, director of Nutrition and Dining Service for Bryan Health said. "So the better the nutrition they have access to the greater chance we give their bodies at healing, and they're going to heal more quickly."

The hospital is providing the food and backpacks through their foundation and the Food Bank is providing volunteers and helping the hospital organize the program.
They've helped 30 patients so far.