New prosthetics and orthotics lab opens in downtown Lincoln

Jim Earnhart tests out a new prosthetic at Limb Lab
Jim Earnhart tests out a new prosthetic at Limb Lab(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 6:27 PM CST
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One of the newest businesses in the Haymarket is not a bar or a restaurant. It's the Limb Lab and it has one goal- to celebrate the work done on prosthetics and orthotics and what amputees have to overcome.


is hard to miss. The window wall on Canopy Street displays prosthetic legs, feet and arms for the public to see.

"We create that very personal and very intimate relationship where they feel comfortable here," said certified prosthetist and orthotist, Jason Dean.

Jim Earnhart is an amputee. He's missing his left arm and left leg. He injured them in a work accident. Today, he's getting fitted for a new forearm.

"You go from what you think is normal to learning that there is no such thing as normal," said Earnhart.

The recovery process hasn't always been easy.

"I thought I would be on prosthetics and out the door I would go and it would be an easy and simple process," said Earnhart. "I learned patience the hard way."

Limb Lab is a chain prosthetics and orthotics company. They're based out of Minnesota, but expanded to Lincoln just 2 months ago. The wall-to-wall window design was intentional.

"Moms and dads walking to basketball games walk in the door and say hey what is this?" said Dean. "And we get to explain to a 6 or 7 year old what we're making here."

"I think this is awesome for everybody who has a handicap, to kind of throw light onto the subject," said Earnhart.

Now fit with a new leg, and soon to be fit with a new arm, Jim is figuring out his new normal and getting back to what he likes to do. Said Earnhart:

"I went from being stuck indoors to becoming mobile and being able to do all kinds of things again."

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