New scam targeting international students

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A new scam is leaving some Nebraska international students scared for their lives.

Callers are asking for thousands of dollars, and threatening their families.

10/11 NOW spoke with a UNL student on Thursday who has gotten these threatening phone calls three different times, saying that he and his family would be in danger if they didn't pay.

According to an email from the University, he is not the only one.

On Wednesday, international students received an email warning them about a new scam targeting the international community on campus.

According to the email, callers talk to the students in their native language, demand payment and threaten their families if they don't receive any money.

The student we spoke with got a phone call late at night, saying they were from the embassy in India.

He says at first, he believed he was really in trouble.

"And they told me that the immigration process is still not yet completed, and due to that, you and your family might be in danger, and you might be treated as a terrorist in our country,” Kamal Chavda said.

The caller requested he transfer over $1,500 to them.

The student then asked his consult down in India who told him it was fraud.

According to UNL's email, these students aren't the only ones that have been contacted by these scammers, saying there are reports of this worldwide.

It also reminded students, saying government officials would never discuss legal cases over the phone.