New software helps Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab test DNA

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab has new software to help them test DNA.

The new software helps how they interpret DNA.

Previously, scientists had to do everything manually using a calculator.

The NSP Crime Lab says now the new software does the heavy lifting with a scientist still involved.

NSP says this is also useful for testing complex mixtures or a mix of three or more peoples DNA.

They are now able to get a DNA profile from things they weren’t able to before.

"Just something that someone picked up and moved, could potentially give us a DNA profile. And it's that level of sensitivity that gives us a lot more mixtures and a lot more people in a sample, that we have to be able to sort out,” said Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab's Jason Linder.

Linder says they have been using the new software since January and says it's been another way to keep up with the new technology while helping out with testing from evidence obtained at crime scenes.

Linder says the new software also should allow the crime lab to come up with more uniform results, where reports from the investigators match crime lab results.