New website aims to attract more people to Lincoln

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - "The Place to be, LNK".

Lincoln Hot Glass is just one of the businesses featured on the landing page of the new website,

That's what the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development thinks about Lincoln. They even set up the website to help newcomers learn more about the Capitol City. That website, "The Place to be, LNK", has one primary purpose - to get more people to move to Lincoln. Essentially, the site meshes all the hotspots of the city onto one landing page.

"Lincoln is the place to be," said Kaylie Hogan-Schnittker, the director of Talent Strategy at the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development. "Lincoln is growing and we wanted to make sure we were bringing the best talent here."

Census Data backs that up; nearly 20,000 people have moved to Lincoln since 2010.

Matthew Losee, the studio manager at Lincoln Hot Glass, a glass-blowing company was featured in the video on the landing page.

"It's cool to see myself up there in this banner for Lincoln businesses," said Losee.

Lincoln Hot Glass was just one of the many businesses highlighted by the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development. The website is meant to showcase the best of the best Lincoln has to offer, like a 3.1 percent unemployment rate, recreational areas and great schools.

"We broke the website down into four different parts - live, work, play and learn," said Hogan-Schnittker.

The website connects to job pages- showing the best employers in Lincoln,neighborhoods, state recreation areas and schools. Hogan-Schnittker said many think of Lincoln and Nebraska as fly-over country, but she hopes the website proves them wrong.

"We are here. We exist, we are growing and we're doing great things," said Hogan-Schnittker.

Lincoln Hot Glass sees about 450 people a year, but if Lincoln grows, that means a lot more business. That's a possibility Losee is excited for. Said Losee:

"I always tell people there's a lot more here than they realize. There's a lot of art and a lot of culture here."