Non-profit builds one of a kind skatepark

(Source: KOLN).
Published: Dec. 1, 2019 at 8:29 PM CST
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Sometime in the next year, a local non-profit hopes it will be able to open a one of a kind skate park just outside of Lincoln.

The goal is to help out kids who need a place to go and feel like they belong.

NoWear BMX is in the process of building their facility that has been in the works for years, and they're hoping to soon raise the rest of the funds to continue changing people's lives.

Since the start of NoWear BMX, the facility has been a dream for president Karl Hinkley.

"It's vitally important for kids to have places to go,” said Hinkley.

For the last three years, he's been raising money for the world's first free indoor year-round training park.

"We have worked with a lot of kids in the past that may be hanging out with the wrong crowd or struggle with drugs or something like that.

When they're around a good positive community it can help change their lives,” said Hinkley.

Starting from the ground up, Hinkley and his team have been able to construct the nearly $400,000 facility.

And even though it is not complete yet, it has already changed countless riders' lives.

"There was one ramp, and it kind of grew into a giant empire,” said rider Kian Sonthana.

Kian Sonthana started coming to NoWear seven years ago.

He says being able to meet everyone has been the best decision he's made.

"Karl is literally my father. He's been my father figure since I was a kid, he's taught me a lot,” said Sonthana.

Like many other riders, Sonthana says the new facility will have a huge impact on current and future riders.

"Having this indoor building is absolutely crazy. We used to travel 6-8 hours to go to facilities like this,” said Sonthana.

"Being able to know we can change that for them, that means the absolute world to me,” said Hinkley.

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