Norfolk being evacuated due to flooding

Published: Mar. 14, 2019 at 7:39 AM CDT
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One-third of Norfolk is asked to evacuate after city officials say the levee system is ‘nearing its top.’ Norfolk Public Safety Director Shane Weidner said the evacuation area is from Eisenhauer Road south to the Elkhorn River and from 7th Street to Victory Road. “Any self evacuation you can do will help. Please do not argue with police officers,” said Weidner.

The city also said there is no access into or out of the city on Highway 275, east of Norfolk.

Weidner said that one person is missing after their car was swept away in the levy system. Norfolk Fire and Rescue remain in a search and rescue effort and are responding to other rescue calls for motorists trapped in water.

Those evacuating should not drive through flooded streets. The primary shelter for the evacuation is Lutheran High Northeast High School at 37th Street and Eisenhauer. The secondary shelter is Bel-Air Elementary School at 18th Street and Bel-Air Road and a third shelter is being established at Norfolk Catholic High School.

“Our ability to respond to emergencies is limited. This is a real threat for us. If that levy is breached, the water is trapped in town and we’ll see flooding like we haven’t seen since 1965 and there’s no where for the water to go,” said Weidner.

Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning said, “we’re taking this very seriously.”