Nurx helps gets healthcare services to Nebraskans

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- A new Nebraska company says over 100,000 women in the state are living in what's known as a contraceptive desert. Nurx is a company that offers healthcare services such as birth control, HIV medicine and STI testing, all of which can be delivered without going to a doctor.

(Source: Nurx)

In order to access Nurx, a person undergoes a health survey which includes medical history, weight, and medication preferences. Based on the results medical providers allow a person to choose which services are best for themselves.

If necessary, labs will be sent through the mail for each patient. From there, a woman can safely receive their medicine through the mail.

"So, the roll-out of the new products, as we call them, or new systems goes step-by-step and very carefully, so that we know that we're 100 percent safe for the patient," said Emily Rymland, Nurx clinical development manager.

Although Nurx is a service that can be done entirely though the phone, the company says face-to-face visits and exams are still crucial to a woman's health.

The age limit for receiving services from Nurx in Nebraska is 19. In the future the company hopes it will be able to offer medications for other health conditions, such as depression.