O'Neill business supports local

Published: Apr. 3, 2020 at 11:21 AM CDT
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Douglas Street Coffee Company has been serving up coffee breaks for quite a while.

"This business wasn't something I'd ever dreamed about doing," Douglas Street Coffee Company owner Jamieson Fredrick said. "It wasn't something I'd thought about doing until I saw that our local coffee shop was for sale. I thought it was something I would be good at and that I would enjoy." The owner says this business venture just seemed to click.

"We opened on 10th and Douglas in September of 2011," Fredrick said. Now in 2020, Jamie Fredrick has moved her business to the new Handlebend building. It's owned by Michael Stepp and Matt Dennis, who make copper mugs for customers nationwide in the back. Up front, there's room for businesses like the coffee shop. "Right now we have brewed coffees, iced coffees, along with nitro, which is a cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen," Fredrick said. "It's delicious, and provides a little creamier, sweeter taste than just your regular cold-brewed coffee."

It's a business that works hard to support "local". "We have lattes, chai teas, cappuccinos, hot chocolates, we actually get our cocoa mix from Kearney," Fredrick said. "We try to keep everything local if we can. We get a lot of our beans from Burwell at Normal Roasting. We are working on incorporating breakfast burritos just down the street at La Costanita, and a couple mornings a week we are working on some lunch ideas."

The coffee shop owner admits the COVID-19 pandemic is having an impact. Right now, customers are using the drive-through. Occasionally people come in, but are allowed inside only for take out. The tap room at the Handlebend building is takeout only right now, and The Village Flower Shoppe, which is also in the same building, is finding alternative ways to help customers. Amy Caskey runs the 45-year-old business, which has locations in Norfolk and now in O'Neill. She says there's a big demand for deliveries, especially to nursing homes. Deliveries are now being offered 7 days a week, and the shop remains open.

Meanwhile at Douglas Street Coffee Company, the owner there says her customers, and her great employees, are keeping the business afloat for now. "A lot of people, they don't seem to have good luck finding good help, but thankfully since we've opened, I've been blessed with amazing help," Fredrick said. "Jeanette has been with me from the beginning, she kind of came with the coffee shop, and we have had great people helping along the way." Hopefully that good help, and new ways of serving customers will continue to keep this business serving up those much-needed coffee breaks.

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