Old Sargent barn a home to antiques and history

Sargent antique store owners are working together to bring more business to town.
JacE Coslor is the owner of "The Livery Stable Collectiques". Her business is housed inside a barn that is more than 100 years old. "It's a landmark in Sargent," Coslor said. "This barn was owned by a former classmate of mine. It was once a livery stable, and then there were at least three veterinarians in here. We left everything as original as we could." Square dances were held upstairs in the barn over the years.

Now, the barn is being used as an antique business. It features everything from buttons to ball jars. There are salt and pepper shakers, utensils and kitchen items, as well as furniture, and even a section dedicated to Elvis. Coslor says several store owners are working together to make sure they get visitors. "In 2013, six of us started advertising together. We built a website, it's www.shopinsargent.com. We say we have it all, because we have food, some lodging, and a wonderful grocery store," Coslor said. "We welcome anyone to come to the Junk-a-thon on Memorial Day weekend," Coslor said.

If you would like to experience more of the Sargent antique stores, they are open every third Saturday, and they want you to count on that.