Old-time filling station restored

You can experience rural Nebraska from years gone by, with a visit to the Julian Filling Station in the Nemaha County community of Julian.

The filling station was first opened in 1928, and it closed in the 1960s. In 2017, the old building was beginning to show its age, and so the Julian Preservation Committee decided to raise funds to save it. "The fundraising went really well, and we were able to complete the project in just one year," committee member Ken Burgert said.

"The filling station was a 'Deep Rock' station when it opened in 1928," Burgert said. "It also operated as a farmers co-op. On the new pumps out front, we put the 'Deep Rock' logo on one globe, and the price of gas shows what it would have been when the station opened. On the other pump, there is a 'Co-op' logo on the globe, and the price of gas shows what it would have been when the station closed."

When visiting the Julian Filling station, you can not only enjoy looking at the outside of the building. You can walk inside to see old canisters of oil, gas cans, and other itmes from years past. You can just imagine visitors to the gas station inside the building telling some tall tales there. The filling station also has a garage. "It is part of the original complex," Burget said. "There is a hoist outside the garage, so when they needed to put a car on the hoist, they did it outside." Oil changes and other jobs were probably completed inside.

Residents hope people will come and get a photograph in front of the filling station. They say it's important to preserve landmarks like this in small communities. "It's important not only for our generation, but generations to come, to be able to come and see what it was like."

If you are needing some weekend plans, you might consider a trip to Julian on Sunday, October 13. At 2 pm, the community will gather to celebrate local improvements like the renovated filling station. A ceremony will include a talk from Mrs. Henry Ford who will discuss how her husband's invention-- the Ford car-- impacted villages like Julian. There will be music and a dessert bar after the ceremony.