Olympic athletes use cupping technique to relieve stress and tension

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LINCOLN, Neb. - If you have been keeping up with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro you might have noticed circular spots on Team U.S.A.’s Michael Phelps and some of the top male gymnasts.

Olympic athletes are utilizing a technique called cupping to aid them in staying on top of their game for their respective sports. The ancient practice involves suctioning cups to ones body to relieve stress and tension.

The technique has become popular amongst Olympic athletes, particularly swimmers and gymnasts. The ancient healing technique is a therapeutic method to relieve tension and stress by attaching several cups to a part of the body. Oftentimes the back is the chosen body part.
A local massage therapist says the cups create negative pressure and causes the suction effect. The suction separates and lifts tissue.

Cupping is similar to a deep tissue massage, but with less pain. It releases tension and toxins from the body while enhancing circulation and range of motion. Depending on the person, bruises from cupping can last from one day to an entire week.

So as you watch the Olympic Games in Rio, you may continue to see cupping markings on the athletes. 10/11 News reporter Taylor Barth looked into this practice locally in mid-may. For more information on cupping you can watch her special report here on 1011now. com.