Omaha feeling impact of the College World Series

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The Florida Gators left town with the trophy, the fans are checking out of hotels and while the College World Series is over, the green glow lingers over metro cash registers.

The Hilton had three teams staying at the hotel.

“It’s something that we have all of our team members working every single day,” said the Hilton’s Gordon Humbert. “It’s a tiring experience but then, nonetheless, it’s the best time of year for our hotel.”

According to Creighton economic professor Ernie Goss the College World Series brings roughly $60 million to $70 million a year to the city depending on attendance and this year’s attendance was record-breaking. A total of 357,646 fans turned out.

The Mattress Factory is located right next to the stadium. They’re cleaning up after the series. Managers say not only is the series good for Omaha’s economy, it also spurs growth in the area.

Cyndi Murphy said, “The College World Series is great for anybody downtown. I mean anybody in this area. Ten years ago when we started there was nothing down here. Now we see all these businesses thriving and apartments coming up next door. It’s amazing to see all this stuff happen and a lot of it is due to the College World Series.”

With this year’s record-breaking crowds the College World series is a hit for the City of Omaha.

Next year, business owners around the stadium can expect a bigger year because the Olympic Swim Trials come to town and that even will overlap a bit with the series.