Omaha lawyer's license to practice suspended for 1 year

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- The Nebraska Supreme Court has suspended an Omaha lawyer's license to practice law for a year after he lied for years about checking on the welfare of an incapacitated adult.

Rodney Halstead had been appointed in 2009 to serve as guardian to the ward, who was confined to a nursing home, and was required to file annual reports on the ward's condition. Court records say Halstead reported through 2015 that he had routinely checked on the ward's condition.

But investigators say he hadn't checked on the ward in years. Instead, Halstead reported all was fine at the nursing home, even though the ward had been moved from the home -- unbeknownst to Halstead -- in 2011.

No harm came to the ward during the six years Halstead falsified his reports.