Omaha physical trainer booked in sexual assault investigation

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OMAHA, Neb. -- Douglas Anders, 57, has been booked for sexual assault and Omaha Police are investigating whether or not there might be more victims.

OPD's Sexual Assault Squad has been investigating an assault case brought to their attention by a woman earlier this year. She said that Anders had used deception to sexually assault her several times over a period of seven years.

Police said the deception included his profession as a physical trainer at his place of business - Metabolic Engineering and Recovery Center near 97th and Mockingbird Lane.

“She was in a weightlifting competition," Brenda Beadle with the Douglas County Attorney's Office said. "The family had reached out to him for some medical, some back issue she was having and then it went from there.”

Detectives arrested Anders on Friday, Nov. 2. He was booked for First Degree Sexual Assault.

Anders released a statement on Monday saying that the allegations are false and that the person alleging the assault always had several professionals around her during her training.

However, the Women's Center for Advancement told 6 News that only about two to eight percent of sexual assault cases are actually false.

“Sexual assault is severely under-reported, so if somebody is willing to come forward and say that this is happening, we need to believe them because it is more than likely happening," Elizabeth Power with the WCA said.

6 News also spoke with Anders's attorney W. Randall Paragas Monday. He said his client filed a defamation lawsuit against the victim and her family. Two more cases from other doctors at MERC could potentially be filed in the future.

Anders's bond was set at $150,000, according to Beadle, and he posted bond. He is expected in court for his first appearance Tuesday.

Police are asking anyone who believes they might have been the victim of a crime committed by Anders to contact the Omaha Police Department's Child Victim Sexual Assault Unit at 402 444-5636.