On A Playground Mission, Mar. 14, 2018

"Hi, I'm Simon and welcome to my beloved Bishop Heights Park," proclaims this precocious 8 year old.

And the key word in that sentence is beloved. Because Simon Brockmeier has loved playing at his nearby neighborhood park for the majority of his 8 years of life. "I love it a lot."

Simon had a issue with some of the old worn out playground equipment being removed and not replaced from the park last fall. So Simon got in touch with J.J. Yost of Lincoln Parks and Recreation, "I've been very impressed with Simon, first of all, his interest and the care he has for this park. It's really impressive the way he wants to raise funds, wants to put himself out there to make this happen so he's well above average on his interest in this park."

Over the past 3 months, Simon has helped raise nearly $4,000 for new park equipment at Bishop Heights Park. With that money, Simon has raised enough money for a new see-saw, a bike rack and two trees.

It seems as though Simon as caught the fund-raising fever as he has already set his sights on next raising funds for a $12,000 shelter at his beloved Bishop Heights Park.

Donations can be mailed to the Lincoln Parks Foundation at 3131 O St Suite 301, Lincoln, NE 68510