Local newspaper still going strong

The Humboldt Standard in southeast Nebraska has been circulating for 137 years, and it continues to provide information to readers.

During a visit to offices of The Humboldt Standard, we talked with editor Roxanne Sailors. "The Humboldt Standard was located in three or four other buildings, but came over to the current location in 1920," Sailors said. "It was just a local Humboldt newspaper back in the day. Now we take care of people in Table Rock, Schubert, Stella, Verdon, Dawson, and some people in Falls City."

When you walk into the newspaper's headquarters, the front part of the building looks modern, but when you walk into the back part of the building, it's like taking a trip back in time. The paper has quite a bit of old equipment. "We've got some old printing presses, we have the old stove that used to melt the lead to set up the pages, we have some granite tabletops where they set up the pages, we still have typeset, and we have hundreds of old newspapers," Sailors said. "We found some in the basement in a wooden crate. They were from 1884 and 1885. We brought those up. We have maybe five different newspapers that we found copies of. We have those on display. It turns out that Humboldt even had a daily newspaper that lasted just a week."

The old equipment in the back is no longer used. Today, the newspaper is put together with far fewer people, and a computer. "We have a program that we can set up the pictures and the text. We do all of the pages, make a pdf copy of it, and e-mail it to the printers in Mound City," Sailors said. "In the late 1950's, there were eight people working here. Now there are two-and-a-half. The computer has cut down on a lot of things we used to do by hand. But it's still a community effort. We have more than 50 people who send in pictures, articles, and columns. The newspaper certainly does hold the community together."