One-stop shopping experience in Sutherland

Published: Apr. 20, 2020 at 1:25 PM CDT
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All Sorts and Mug Coffee Shop offers clothing, furniture, and a chance to unwind with a great cup of coffee on the old Lincoln Highway. ((NOTE: As of this writing, the store has been closed due to COVID-19. Owners say they hope to re-open soon. It might be a good idea to call ahead before visiting.))

Steve Seifer is the owner of All Sorts. "We have everything from industrial letters, to furniture, to clothing to coffee," he said. "The store has always been changing. We started in one building, selling used furniture and home decor that we've picked up along the way. Then we added clothing, and we are always trying new things to keep people coming in the door." Seifer says in a small town, you have to stay creative to keep business thriving.

The store opened in 2015. "Then the building next door became available in 2017, so we were able to expand into there, and we added the coffee shop that fall," Seifer said. "It's been very popular, and a nice addition to the town." Seifer was born and raised in Sutherland, and he's proud to operate the business in his hometown. He operates the store with his wife, and he has a couple of employees as well. Seifer says when visitors come to the store, they are amazed by it. "Especially if they grew up in Sutherland and moved away," Seifer said. "They walk in and remember this building when they were in grade school as a youth center. Now it's a whole different store, and a different atmosphere."

All Sorts and Mug Coffee Shop is located right along the Lincoln Highway or Highway 30. Interstate 80 is not that far away. "We are on Yelp and Google, so we get people from all across the country and all around the world," Seifer said. When it comes to coffee, visitors can find whatever they need. "If you have your favorite drink, we should be able to make it," Seifer said. Seifer is also known for making unique wooden and farm-style tables. "We do that, we strip and paint different pieces of furniture, and if we get something in that needs repair, I can do that, too."

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