Our Town Beatrice: Precise Fabrication

BEATRICE, Neb. – Precise Fabrication is a custom metal fabricating business that specializes in quality parts, made for a wide variety of uses.

The owner of this business went to work in metal fabricating in 1989 and then took over the business in 2001.

Leroy Janzen was born and raised in Beatrice.

"We do sheet metal fabrication for a lot of different companies, most of them locally here in southeast Nebraska, northeast Kansas area," Janzen said.

As the owner and CEO, Leroy is a man who likes to deal in details.

"This is part number 950-39-53, this is 950-39-54," Janzen says without hesitation.

Do you get the feeling that he has his finger on the pulse of this entire operation?

Next, he points out two machines that cut sheet metal with lasers.

"We have two of these different machines...this one will cut 1/8 inch and thinner," he said.

Twenty-three employees work at Precise Fabrication.

"During our busy season, we'll run both of these machines, they're fully automated, we'll run those 24/7," Janzen said. "And now, we're taking these parts out, getting them for the next operation. Isn't that nice to know that while you're sleeping, all of this works getting done? Yep."

At Precise Fabrication, they have the latest and greatest fabricating equipment available...

Jeremy Tomjack has been operating the press break since it was installed 3 years ago, and he continues to be impressed with the variety of products that Precise Fabrication continues to produce.

"Oh man, this last year we've run a lot of prototypes, new stuff and just, it's amazing how much stuff we can get out of here," Tomjack said.

Part of the beauty of the business for Janzen is the physical location of his 41,000 square foot building.

"One of the nice things about being here on the north side of Beatrice is just on the other side of this cornfield was where I was born and lived until I was 14 years old," Janzen said. "When we were kids, we'd sit up on the barn ....we'd watch the planes come in and out and just enjoyed life."

Leroy is still enjoying life as his business continues to grow and prosper.

"I'm proud to be in Beatrice, Nebraska running my manufacturing business, it's a great community that's helped me get started in my business and helps me to continue to grow," he said.

Precise Fabrication is one of about 60 manufacturing companies in Gage County. Those businesses put nearly 1,500 people to work every day.