Our Town Beatrice: Southeast Community College

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BEATRICE, Neb. – Southeast Community College has been operating in its current structure since 1973.

In 1975, SCC took over the campus of John J. Pershing College in Beatrice.

The agriculture program at SCC Beatrice has been training Nebraska farmers and ranchers for more than 40 years.

Rest assured, when students graduate from this program they are ready to hit the ground running.

"When you think about it, just think about all of the technology changes from when they started 40 years ago to what's in the combines back there so it's exciting,” Campus Director Bob Morgan said. “It's part of our history which really makes it fun and the students learn about that history and how to apply it into the future."

Learning to take full advantage of drone technology is an important aspect of SCC’s precision agriculture program.

"It's not just crops that we use them in. We use drones in the livestock industry, we use drones in promotion, doing communications, promoting what we as students get to do,” Morgan said.

Wilcox native Alex Voichoskie says SCC Beatrice is a perfect fit for her.

"Everything here is so hands on. You hear it all the time and it might be really cliche to hear that but it is so true."

Another popular program at SCC is led by Evan Alderman.

"As far as turf grass management goes here on campus we have our own two hole golf course which is really unique in that our students can get all the hands on experience right here on campus without having to go anywhere," Alderman said.

This fall, there are currently almost 1,400 students on the Beatrice campus, and there are more than 9,300 students currently attending Southeast Community College statewide.