Our Town Eustis

The community of Eustis has a population of 401. Although the town is small, you'd be surprised how many small businesses thrive there.

In this Pure Nebraska profile of Our Town Eustis, we learn about some of those businesses. Jon talked with Doug Keller who is the owner of Eustis Body Shop. His business started in Eustis, but has since expanded to Lexington, Grand Island, and other communities. Keller's business is now opening a new location in Lincoln near 84th and Highway 2.

But the Eustis Body Shop isn't the only example of a business that is truly thriving in Eustis. The Village Pie Maker's headquarters are in Eustis, and that business employess about 30 people now. There is also Rowdy's Snacks that produces artisan summer sausages and wheat snacks. Some local businesses include the Eustis 66 gas station, and the Dusty Canyon clothing and gift shop. There's also the famous Eustis Pool Hall where people love to come for great dinner out.

Keller says it could be the work ethic from the community's German roots that could explain why so many businesses are doing well. Eustis is also known as the "Sausage Capital of Nebaska", and is known for it's "Wurst Tag" celebration each June.