Our Town Fairbury: Ron Hilligas

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FAIRBURY, Neb. — As the manager of the oldest Walmart in the state, Ron Hilligas has many talents. But, his most high profile talent can be heard when he's behind the microphone at a legion baseball game.

"I really get enthused when you see a major accomplishment from the kids,” Hilligas said.

Just like when he sees one of his guys hit a dinger and he's compelled to bust out some old school KC and The Sunshine Band.

This Chambers native started running the public address system at legion baseball games when his son was playing back in 2009.

Over the past nine years, Ron has become known as the guy that gets both the fans and the players fired up.

Jesse bauer 5:30
"There were kids coming out of the dugout throwing their hands up,” said Jesse Bauer, head coach of Fairbury’s legion baseball team. "We have a breakdown that we do after every game, and we do ‘what are we?’ And we go ‘family.’ Ron's part of the family."

Ron says that over the course of a calendar year, he does the public address announcing for more than 50 sporting events here in Our Town Fairbury.

And all he gets paid for his hundreds and hundreds of hours of work is a good old-fashioned pat on the back.

"I know I'm appreciated," Hilligas said.

"He's very important, he's the voice of the Fairbury Jeffs,” said Derek Anderson.

Anderson is the athletic director at Fairbury High School and he says Ron never fails to come through for his beloved Jeffs.

“You name it, he's there and man, I don't know what our crowd would be like and I don't know what the ambiance of a game would be like without Ron," Anderson said.

And the 59-year-old sees no end in sight to his announcing career.

“I love it. I still keep trying to make myself better with this... I enjoy the kids, the kids are the main thing," Hilligas says.