Our Town Holdrege: Nebraska Star Beef

Published: Feb. 18, 2020 at 9:55 AM CST
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Agriculture is number one in Phelps County, and a family-run beef business is making a big impact on the national scene.

We recently caught up with Kayla Pfister, who is with the business called "Nebraska Star Beef". Her family has two feed yards. There is a "Phelps County Feeders" east yard and west yard. "In the east yard, we have mainly natural cattle and Wagyu cattle. In the west yard, we have conventional cattle and Canadian cattle. Between the two yards, we can hold 42,000 head of cattle," Pfister said.

The Nebraska Star Beef operation got started when Phelps County Feeders provided all-natural beef to Whole Foods. "We decided that program was going so well, that we wanted to try it on our own," Pfister said. "Now we are shipping beef all over the United States and coming up with different products to market."

Pfister says Nebraska Star Beef is unique because it's a family business. "I work with three brothers, a sister-in-law, my parents, a cousin and an uncle, so when we say family-operated, we mean it," Pfister joked. "When you buy our beef you are buying cattle raised right here. Our steaks are aged for 35 days before they are cut. That helps with the flavor and tenderness of the meat."

Nebraska Star Beef offers hamburgers, steaks, and many other cuts of beef. The company also offers all-natural beef jerky in bags and sticks. "The beef jerky is made in small batches in Diller, Nebraska," Pfister said. "Other products we have are the DIY jerky kits, and with them, you can make up to 20 pounds of meat. They are offered in six different flavors." Other items Nebraska Star Beef sells include various seasonings and rubs. The company has also gotten into the restaurant business. "We have Joy's Table in Kearney, and we have Angus Burgers and Shakes in Kearney and Gretna," Pfister said.

So, if you are traveling through Our Town Holdrege, you might consider a trip northwest of town to Phelps County Feeders to pick up some steaks at Nebraska Star Beef.