Our Town Lynch

For a town of 245 people, Lynch has a lot to offer both residents and visitors.

Among the amenities in town are a fully-staffed hospital, a movie theater with digital and 3-D projection, and a very nice bowling alley. Nestled in the Ponca Creek valley, the area is surrounded by plenty of natural beauty. "Just 4 miles to the south of us is the Niobrara River, and just to the north of us we have the Missouri River that flows," Lynch spokesperson Joe Micanek said.

The town also has a grocery store, some local taverns, and Lynch is also home to a telephone exhange called Three River Telco that services several counties in the area.

The town of Lynch is named after a man who staked a claim in the area in the late 1800's. In March of 1890, John Lynch staked a claim of 160 acres. Eventually the town was named after him, and first called Lynchburg. Later, it was shortened to Lynch.

"Alot of the residents appreciate the amenities we have here," Micanek said. "We have people who enjoy bowling leagues, and there are people from the surrounding areas who come to the movies. It's a whole region that helps patronize the businesses in Lynch."

If you are in Boyd County, be sure to stop by the vibrant community of Lynch!