Our Town Madrid

MADRID, Neb.- Residents of Madrid have good reason to be proud of their Perkins County town.

Tom Kraus says the town started in the 1860's, and it was actually a few miles south of the current town site. The railroad came through, and the town was platted on the railroad tracks, thus putting Madrid in it's current location.

"It's a small community, and everybody knows everybody," Kraus said. "We have an ethanol plant, that takes in 15-million bushels of corn a year. Our elevator is a 5-million bushel elevator, we have repair shops, a bar and restaurant, we have a nice machinery dealership on one end of town, and a trucking business on the other end of town," Kraus said.

One of the highlights of the town is what's known as the "General Store". It's owned and operated by Sharon Zimmerman and her family. "They have wonderful products," Kraus said. "When they make the cinnamon rolls, it brings the crowds in. When Thursday morning rolls around, it's like Heaven around here," Kraus said.

You may want to check out Madrid the next time you are in Perkins County.