Our Town Mullen

Published: Mar. 22, 2018 at 10:12 AM CDT
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A great place to enjoy the outdoors, and experience hometown hospitality is in "Our Town Mullen".

We talked with Mullen resident and business owner Bryan Crisp about the town, and he says that one of the best assets of the town is the people. "There's a family atmosphere. We help each other. We have a lot of volunteers in the community that always help with the events we put on," Crisp said.

The town may not have everything, but it has the essentials, like a grocery store, a bank, a hardware store, a swimming pool, parks, and a library. The biggest industry in the area is beef cattle production. The town is around 491 people, and the population of the whole county is only around 700. Mullen is the county seat of Hooker County, and it is the only town in the county. Because of that, the town has to be fairly self-sufficient. "We are 75 miles from the nearest big-city opportunities, so we have to be diversified," Crisp said. "We often use the term 'Sandhills engineering' because sometimes we may not have something we need, but we can make it work," Crisp said.

The Hooker county fairgrounds are in Mullen, and there is a new community center on the fairgrounds. Many people come to the area for the natural beauty. There are tanking and canoeing opportunities, and the wide open spaces are a draw for visitors. Crisp owns the hardware store in town, and his wife operates a floral shop in that store. "The school is doing well," Crisp said. "Our graduating class average is around 12 to 15 people."

Mullen was the site of this year's 2018 Polar Bear Tank Race, which raises money for the Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway. If you are traveling down highway 2, pull in to Mullen for a visit.