Our Town North Loup

NORTH LOUP, Neb.- North Loup is yet another town in Nebraska with much to offer residents and visitors.

"I think it's a friendly little town on Highway 11. There are a lot of people who have lived here, they are second, third and fourth generation," Main Street Gallery owner Betty Carlson said. "We actually do not have a school here. Some kids go to Ord, some to Greeley Central, the grade school goes into Scotia." But there is still a growing sense of pride in the community and area schools, Betty said.

There are a number of businesses that are doing well, included a seed corn business, a sunflower seed processing plant, and there is a new veterans memorial. And you don't want to forget Popcorn Days every August. Popcorn Days is considered the longest continuously running community celebration in the state. It is popcorn country around North Loup. "We have a processor and packer of the corn you pop called Popcorn County, and there is Chuck Zangger who is a popcorn seed developer," Betty said.

The co-op built a new fertilizer plant attached to it, and there is a lot of growth. "It's hard to find a house that's empty," Betty said. The town has a restaurant called "The Broken Egg Cafe" that features breakfast from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. There is the Main Street Gallery that features the work of artists across central Nebraska, and there are efforts to dress up the downtown area with unique murals painted on windows or walls.

And if you are visiting North Loup, consider a visit to the Happy Jack Chalk Mine and Peak just a few miles down the road. Consider a trip through North Loup and a visit to the many attractions along Highway 11.