Our Town Surprise

SURPRISE, Neb.- You'll enjoy visiting the town of Surprise in Butler County.

"It's about like living on an acreage in the country," Surprise resident Jan Miller said. The heart of the town is the Eagle's Nest Bar and Grill. They have noon specials, they have homemade pizzas on Sundays and Wednesdays, roasted chicken and fish on Fridays, and chicken wings on Thursday nights. On the wall of the Eagle's Nest, you'll see many historical photos of the village. The town was named Surprise by the original settlers to the area. "The original settlers came from the east and came over the big hill out here and there was a valley," Jan said. "They were surprised to find the river and the valley, and so they started a settlement that at one time had 400 people." Now the population of Surprise sits at around 40.

The railroad once came through Surprise, but when it left town, that's when the community began to get smaller. The Big Blue river cuts through the south end of the village, and you can see an old dam on the river. There was once a lumber mill located on the river. Other focal points in town include the Surprise Community Hall that Jan says is listed on the national register of historic places. There is also a nice park with playground equipment for the public to enjoy.

The Eagle's Nest was previously housed in the old bank building, but an F-2 tornado came through Surprise in 2006, and it took the roof of the building. The building had to be demolished, but a new building now houses the bar and grill. Surprise offers plenty of peace and quite for residents and visitors.