Our Town York: World's Largest Solvable Maze

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YORK, Neb. — Eric Eckert proudly proclaims, "What we have here is a roll of paper that's 2 feet by 536 feet long or 1,072 square feet and it's the world's largest hand-drawn solvable maze."

Eric's maze it the first thing that visitors see when they visit the Palmer Museum in downtown York.

Eric explains, "I drew the whole thing in my basement with black Sharpies and it took me about 160 hours.

Eric used 166 sharpie markers to complete this record breaking maze, "I actually drew a red line throughout this entire maze and the red line is the solution from beginning to end and that was to prove to Guinness that it is solvable."

For authentication purposes, Guinness also required that Eric provide them with a time-lapse video that is made up of the majority of the 160 hour process...proving to Guinness that he did indeed create this maze by hand and by himself.

Eric has no doubt, "Someone trying to solve a maze of this size without directions doing the whole thing would probably take years."

This 2003 graduate of York College spent the better part of a year drawing this maze and this past January, Eric shared his major accomplishment with everyone at York College and the public at an unveiling event in which he displayed all 1,072 square feet of his record maze, "You know I never really thought about being a world record holder and then it was probably ten years or so I drew a maze on all the walls of my home office."