Outlet for Art in Central Nebraska

There are many talented artists from Central Nebraska on display at North Loup's Main Street Gallery.

Betty Carlson is the owner of the gallery, and it's been open for about 5 years. "We needed a new home for the Artissimo Art Club, which is the local art club that runs from Cotesfield to Burwell. This building became available, and my husband and I had an opportunity to buy it, and so we did, and this is what developed," Carlson said.

There are around 30 to 35 different local artists on display at the gallery. "It's on a commission basis. It's amazing the local art work that we have," Carlson said. "A majority of the art comes from within 50 or 60 miles of here." Some of the artists on display include Sterling Hughes, who is a farmer and rancher who enjoys doing detailed wood working. There are photographers featured at the gallery. There is also a pencil artist from the Burwell area featured at the gallery, and there is a local woman named Peggy Kokes-Alloway that is showing some paintings. "We have verything from glass, to wood, to pottery. We have water color people, and even jewlery makers," Carlson said.

The art at the gallery has to be juried in, and the gallery certainly gives the town of North Loup something special on main street. "I think we create some summer traffic. We get a lot of people who come from Lincoln, Grand Island and Kearney. And I think because we are "dressing" up this corner, I think other corners are getting dressed up too," Carlson said.

The Main Street Gallery is open Wednesday through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.