Owner, employee thwart attempted larceny

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Quyet Ngo said his business has been scammed before and they got their money back, all thanks to security footage..

A man tried to rob Lazoda on 27th and O, but was thwarted after the owner and an employee chased him down.

"We were scammed two times here," said Ngo. "We got the money back because of the camera system. The camera system will help a lot if you have any problem."

Ngo said he's vigilant while customers are in his store.
Today a customer walked into Lazoda at 27th and "O." Security footage shows him tying his shoes before entering the store; he walks in, keeping his head and eyes away from the cameras and he goes to look around.

"He stacked them (2 laptops) like this (up against his chest,) and put them in front of him, turned to the front door and ran away," said Ngo.

The man ran out with $15-hundred worth of laptops. Ngo and his employee then chased after the thief, eventually collaring him and getting back the laptops. The thief ran away before police could get there.

"One of the first days that I'm supposed to look over the shop," said Nathan Hromanick, the producer and VR Project Manager at Lazoda LLC. "I'm looking over the shop with him and there's a theft. And we've both got to chase down a thief."

Ngo said he doesn't know if he has seen the man before.

"You've got to be vigilant, it could happen," said Hromanik. "Especially when you sell expensive equipment."

Police are processing the security footage and expect to have it up on Crime Stoppers by Monday. If you or anyone you know has any knowledge on this, call Crime Stoppers at (402) 475-3600.