Package thefts are up across Lincoln from last year

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Lincoln Police Department is reporting package thefts are already higher this year than last year's total.

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According to LPD, there have been 137 package theft in 2019; 22 higher than 2018.

Jeff Peterson, Crime analysis Unit Manager for LPD, said, "For last 3 years we've seen 50% of all package thefts occur during November and December."

LPD recommends using different options offered by delivery services to keep packages safe.

"FedEx has their own office you can have delivered to, in addition to Walgreens in city." Peterson said.

Amazon also offers an in-home delivery or holding packages at an Amazon Locker. Lincoln has one located at Whole Foods on 60th and O Street.

According to LPD, there is approximately $50,000 in total package thefts this year.